Bacardi Softball

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Bacardi had been a sponsor of Cuban baseball since the 1880s and when the games started being televised in the 1950s Hatuey, a Bacardi brand, being the sponsor.

Since 2012, BACARDI has run an annual ‘BACARDI Classics Softball’ competition, for the bartending community of London to come together, play softball, soak up the sun drink BACARDI rum and celebrate a brand rich in heritage.

BigPlus was asked produce a short film of the day for use in Bacardi’s social media channels to gain additional reach with the trade after the event.

With director Joel Byron I carried out a recce of the Finsbury Park Softball pitch and laid down camera positions around the field. The kit included a series of GoPro cameras strategically positioned and sometimes worn by players as well as two cameras slow motion filming, ideal for presenting sport action in a more dramatic style.

The final film was seeded to trade publications such as Imbibe and BarLife.

Director: Joel Byron

Produced by BigPlus Productions (link)

Role: Cameraman & Editor

Kit: Sony FS700, Canon 5D mk2, GoPro, DJI Phantom drone

Post: FCPX, Adobe Photoshop